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Weingut Wohlgemuth-Schnürr

Certified sutainability, we now made it official

Our external inspection by an independent control and auditing organization of the FairChoice label under the auspices of Heilbronn University, has been successfully completed. We have cleared all the major and minor hurdles and can now officially call ourselves a “Sustainable Winery”. That sounds short and sweet. But behind it is our philosophy of sustainability, which has grown over many years, our will to become a little better and fairer every day to the environment and nature, our customers, employees and also (now and then) to ourselves. Behind it are years of thought and work in sustainable energy use, nature- and resource-conserving grape variety pioneering work and development of new, biodiverse concepts of vineyard management. It was important to us to finally be able to show the flag to the outside world in these matters. We can do that now. With the non-commercial FairChoice label of the German Institute for Sustainable Development. Anyone can find out what’s behind it at or talk to us.