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Weingut Wohlgemuth-Schnürr

Pride and excitement were on our faces for days. We were thrilled with the great evaluation of our wines published in this renowned wine trade magazine. What we and our wine friends (you!) have known for a long time with a knowing shrug of the shoulders and raised glass, was impressively confirmed by the evaluation of our collection of New Varieties (Piwis) by the expert jury of “Wein&Markt”: “An impressive collection! ….Sensational! …. Chapeau!”

Wow, wow, wow… After this publication, a few more doubters may have started to wonder whether new grape varieties can be an important building block for the viticulture of the future due to quality and high sustainability. We continue to be absolutely convinced of this and are already making people curious about new “New Grape Varieties” in the selection of the coming year.