That's Us!

We are pioneers

Almost 60% of our vineyard areas are growing new, robust grape varieties with natural resistance to fungal attack. Our pioneer wines are officially called fungus-resistant grape varieties (Piwis). They are children of European traditional varieties and robust wild vines – and they are not only convincing in the vineyard and in the glass, their names also have a ring to them:

With them, we need up to 80% less crop treatment products, use less fuel, avoid soil compaction and save time… time we prefer to spend on more innovative projects.


Many years ago, we made our dream come true and took over the Wohlgemuth winery with vineyards in prime Rheinhessen sites such as the Westhofener Morstein and the Gundersheimer Höllenbrand. We have retained the freedom of thought of lateral entrants to this day. This inner independence allows us to live a traditional craft with our own quality philosophy and at the same time also to go new ways as winemakers.

We are preservers

We became preservers when a historical mention of the almost forgotten white grape variety “Early Red Malvasia” aroused our curiosity. Since then in our care, this more than 500 year old grape variety – which, by the way, was already loved by Martin Luther – continues to actively write its living piece of wine history with us with more than one hectare of cultivation area.

Out of passion for good wines, however, our love also goes to the traditional German and international grape varieties: the noble Riesling, complex Pinot Noirs, lively Pinot Gris and soft Chardonnay wines, and of course, the fascinating Scheurebe.