We are pioneers

because on almost 60% of our vineyard areas we grow new, robust grape varieties with natural resistance to fungal attack. Often called “Piwis” (pioneer wines) for short. They are children of European traditional varieties and robust wild vines – and they are not only very impressive in the vineyard and in the glass, their names also sound great:

With them, we need 80% less crop treatment products, use less fuel, avoid soil compaction and save time… time we prefer to spend on more innovative projects.


However, briefly back to the beginning: Our winemaking life began as a career changer. The takeover of the family winery Wohlgemuth – with vineyards in the Rhine-Hessian top sites Morstein and Höllenbrand – allowed us to live a traditional craft with our own quality and work philosophy and at the same time go new ways again and again until today.


We are preservers

We became preservers when a historical reference to the almost forgotten white grape variety “Early Red Malvasia” aroused our curiosity. Since then in our care, this more than 500-year-old grape variety – which, by the way, Martin Luther already loved – continues to actively write its living piece of wine history with us. With more than one hectare of cultivation area.

Out of passion for good wines, we also do not deny our love for traditional grape varieties such as the noble Riesling, complex Pinot Noir, lively Pinot Gris and smooth Chardonnay wines, as well as….. the Rhine-Hesse par excellence, the fascinating Scheurebe.


We're Award-Winning!

Honorary Award

We won the honorary award of the Chamber of Agriculture Rhineland-Palatinate for the high quality standard of our wines.

8-time winner at “Piwi-Wine-International”

We are proud that a number of our wines were highly recognized at the 2019 Piwi-Wine-International.

We were awarded with the Grand Gold twice for our red wines “Mundorff” with a score of 98 points, and for the “Muscaris” with a score of 96 points. Additionally, we received Gold three times for Johanniter with a score of 95 points and for the Prior coupled with the Muscaris Beerenauslese both with a score of 94 points. Lastly our Muscaris Lieblich, Cabertin and Cabernet Blanc each received Silver.