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CANTOR – MMXVIII Just as sparkling wine may not be called champagne, our latest creation may not be called port. And yet it is made the same way. Super ripe and aroma-deep red grapes of Cabernet Cantor from the 2018 vintage, intensive maceration, stopped at the perfect time by adding alcohol and then a two-year barrel aging. Whether port, cherry, marsala or, as we Germans say without frills, "wine aperitif", these voluminous, subtly sweet wines

Cabertin 2018 - trocken - Magnum bottle Magnum bottles are filled with only the best wines. They are particularly well suited for long storage and perfect aging. The larger the bottle, the better the wine can develop its potential. Not only if you want to enjoy a wine in the future, also in the here & now a magnum is impressive. The WS-magnu-premiere is opened by the Gold-Cabertin of 2018. Filled and corked by hand, each

Pride and excitement were on our faces for days. We were thrilled with the great evaluation of our wines published in this renowned wine trade magazine. What we and our wine friends (you!) have known for a long time with a knowing shrug of the shoulders and raised glass, was impressively confirmed by the evaluation of our collection of New Varieties (Piwis) by the expert jury of "Wein&Markt": "An impressive collection!

The grapes of the year are harvested and it can be noted with joy and satisfaction that it will be a really good vintage. All the grapes were completely healthy, and could even have hung unharmed for many days, had they not been so early, so perfectly ripe. What was unimaginable a decade or two ago is now - due to the undeniably rapid climate change - almost normal: the grape harvest begins earlier

The success story continues. Our pioneering work, which began almost fifteen years ago with the first planting of the new grape varieties (so-called Piwis), is bearing fruit and inspiring new impulses to the future of wine. This can be seen in the success of the recent PIWI Award, in which wineries from all over the world participate. Eight out of eight of our submitted wines received top scores from the jury. We’re incredibly proud

Regardless of whether there are strong temperature fluctuations, long dry periods or excessive precipitation: In times of turbulent climate conditions, fungus-resistant grape varieties (PIWIs) are increasingly establishing themselves in international viticulture. The jury of the 8th International PIWI Wine Award has determined in a two-day tasting session that the strong vines and their constantly growing range of varieties, produce high-quality wines. The successful wines and winemaking families were honoured at the INTERVITIS trade fair in