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We love and create full-bodied Burgundies and tangy fruity Rieslings. We’re passionate about experimenting with different harvest times, fermentation methods, wooden barrels and maturation times. Improving everything that drives the world of wine to deliver quality is what also pushes us further.

However, what motivates us even more, are visions that can be found outside the expected.


With this grape variety, which is well over 500 years old and almost forgotten, we’re preserving a living piece of wine history. For us, it’s incredibly exciting to rethink how we’ll modernize this aged wine-making process.


Natural resistance! PIWI’s are new grape varieties that yield impressive wines that have a strong natural resistance to fungus attack.
With PIWIs we spare pesticides, fuel for the machines and time – time that we prefer to invest in other sustainable projects. We think: “This is genuine sustainability!” And best of all, our loyal wine community shares our enthusiasm about these enriched new grape varieties.
Now PIWIs are already growing on over 35% of our vineyards. They’ve been baptized with such illustrious and often revealing names such as Cabertin, Cabernet blanc, Sauvignac, Cabernet Cantor, Prior, Johanniter or Muscaris. Whoever gets involved with them will enter a new and exciting world of wine. A chapter in the world of winemaking history that’s currently writing the future.
As pioneers in the field of PIWIs, we can now offer an interesting and sophisticated range of these new high-quality wines.

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