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Andreas Schnürr & Alexandra Damm

As career changers, we have found our destiny and our passion here in Rheinhessen. Andreas prefers to work in the vineyard and in the cellar, Alexandra makes sure that everything runs smoothly at home and that guests and customers feel at home.

Benedikt, Tristan & Laurent

With our sons Benedikt and Tristan, the next generation is already in the wings. After his apprenticeship as a winemaker, Benedikt is now studying viticulture in Geisenheim, while Tristan is also planning to complete an apprenticeship as a winemaker after graduating from high school and then start studying wine marketing. The third in the group, Laurent, is still in school.

Annerose Erlenmeier

Always in a good mood and full of drive, she keeps an overview in the office and on the phone – simply irreplaceable

More About Us

``Lecker aufs Land - Die Hofmeisterschaft`` (2016)
``Lecker aufs Land - Eine kulinarische Reise`` (2013)