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Today for Tomorrow

Today none of us can afford to not think about tomorrow. Resource and environmental protection, sustainability and reflective usage behaviour should be a priority for everyone. For us, this means rinsing and refilling all empty wine bottles that our customers collect and return to us. The same applies to cartons that are still visually acceptable. We recycle used corks and generate our own electricity. If the sun doesn't shine at night, we cover our electricity needs with 100% natural electricity from wind and water. As for our vineyards, we pay attention to the diversity of flora and fauna and don’t clean up every herb that disturbs the supposed order. When we built our new hall for vineyard equipment, we built it without a concrete foundation in favour of a deconstructable dowel solution. The hall also consists entirely of unsealed wood, has daylight strips to save electricity and lighting technology and also has a completely unsealed floor. All these actions taken, is our responsibility that we hope by sharing will promote eco-conscious decisions within everybody. But stagnation is also a step backwards when it comes to sustainability issues. Just like we’ve done in the past we’ll continue asking ourselves ``What can we do better and more sustainable`` no matter what project we’ll be working on.